Professional facial animation software

Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, and MotionBuilder Plug-In
Apply motion data from Analyzer directly onto your rig
Clean curve data that is easy-to-work with
Full Python, Maxscript, and MEL library of commands to create highly automated workflows

General Workflow
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Features of Retargeter 5

Apply human emotion to any digital character

Retargeter is a high quality production software that uses machine learning and deep learning to retarget facial motion from a tracked video onto a 3D Character.

Apply human emotion to any digital character

Setup and use any character rig

Say goodbye to complex rig requirements. The quality of your character is still extremely important but with Retargeter you have flexibility in how you build it. Retargeter can set keys on any keyable attribute; allowing you to work with bones, joints, blendshapes, morph targets, custom deformers, etc. Once you set these attributes in character setup, you are ready to create amazing, realistic animations.

Setup and use any character rig

The best retargeting features designed for animators.

We believe that you shouldn’t need to be an expert in machine learning to create animation, our products are designed by professional animators working in real productions. Our tools are simple and easy to understand, yet fully featured and capable of performing extremely complex and believable facial animation.

The best retargeting features designed for animators.

Clean Data That’s Easy to Work With

We know you need software that is easy to use, intuitive, and guaranteed to work every time. Retargeter’s features take the stress out of keyframe changes and polishing. Data is applied very quickly so iterations are fast and efficient. Intelligent keyframe reduction (pruning), animation smoothing, a master timing tool, frame ranges, and several other features make working with our data very easy.

Clean Data That’s Easy to Work With

FREE Easy-to-learn resources to get up to speed quickly

Our support team is second to none. Check out our huge gallery of video tutorials and online knowledgebase to get you started and teach you best practices for animating in Retargeter. You can also work directly with our Support Team to get the best results.

FREE Easy-to-learn resources to get up to speed quickly

Distinguishing Features
of Retargeter 5

Retargeter integrates with the Autodesk tools you animate in currently

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Getting started with Retargeter

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Commonly asked questions about the Retargeter workflow and best practices for use in productions.
From a technical standpoint Faceware can work with any type of rig. Joints, blendshapes, and all custom deformers can be driven and animated by our software as long as they can be keyframed. However, from a creative and artistic standpoint the layout and setup of animation controllers can have a large impact on the quality of animation that can be produced with Faceware.

Rigging best practices
We generally support the same versions of Maya, 3DS Max, and MotionBuilder that Autodesk maintains support on-- most commonly is the previous 4 years of releases. We currently support the 2015-2019 versions of each package.
Every project varies, but we’ve seen most production-ready users achieving several minutes of animation in a day. If you further take advantage of the volume-producing features such as shared poses or batch automation, volume SIGNIFICANTLY increases-- we’ve heard producers churn through 45,000 seconds of animation within a few weeks. As a rule of thumb, if you are not at least 3 times faster than keyframe animation contact us--- through training we can ensure you achieve this minimum with our best practices.
For the Studio Plus version of Retargeter, no internet connection is required. For Studio, Trial, and PLE versions, an active internet connection is only required during the initial credential check whenever the software is launched. During the actual tracking process, no internet connection is required

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All of our software licenses offer both perpetual and annual licensing options.

Retargeter 5 Studio

Autodesk Plug In (Maya, 3DS Max, MotionBuilder). Apply motion from Analyzer to any rig type. Single-user (Local) or Network (Floating) licenses availble.


Retargeter 5 Studio Plus

All features as Studio version. Additional functionality to import/export shared poses and access to batch API commands. Single-user (Local) or Network (Floating) licenses availble.


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