The facial motion capture command center

Mark III Headcam operator software for AJA KiPro devices
Simplicity on-set for more performance focused management
One streamlined operator-friendly interface for all performers
Full timecode support with triggers supported from Vicon or Optitrack Systems

General Workflow
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Features of Shepherd

Streamlined Operator Interface

Shepherd combines all the integral features a face capture operator needs in one innovative and thoughtful app. Giving you more time to focus on the things that really matter - like camera framing, talent performance and capture accuracy. With less to micromanage, Shepherd gives you the freedom to work faster and more effectively.

Streamlined Operator Interface

Body Mocap Integrations

Integrating with the industry's leading Mocap Systems, Shepherd allows your body and face capture systems to be combined into one streamlined system. Now you can simultaneously trigger face capture with body capture, and ensure the continuity of capture names. Shepherd creates a more unified, succinct and automated motion capture process.

Body Mocap Integrations

Capture multiple face systems with ease

An unlimited number of face recording devices can be added to Shepherd (including your witness cameras), giving you one modern interface to control recording, playback, see device info and health, timecode input, and view clips across all of your devices. Save both time and money while Shepherd works hard, and you work smart.

Capture multiple face systems with ease

Media Transfer and Producer Tools

With Shepherd, there's no need to pull the hard drive from your digital recording device or access the built-in AJA web interface to transfer recorded clips. With a couple of clicks, you can transfer a single clip, multiple clips, or all the clips across all of your devices remotely. You can even create a handy document detailing clip information that can be used for review, editorial, or to support an existing Faceware Batch Pipeline.

Media Transfer and Producer Tools

Distinguishing Features
of Shepherd 1

Shepherd can now streamline your Faceware Mark III Headcams to be driven by the most widely used body mocap systems on the market.

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Commonly asked questions about the Shepherd workflow and best practices for use in productions.
AJA Ki Pro models are file-based recording and playback devices that create high-quality files on computer-friendly media.

The following Ki Pro devices are supported for use with Faceware Shepherd:
  • Ki Pro Mini
  • Ki Pro Rack
  • Ki Pro Ultra Plus
  • Ki Pro Classic*
*Please note that the Ki Pro Classic is no longer in production.

Supported motion capture systems
Shepherd currently supports the following body motion capture systems:

It is important to note that most all other motion capture systems support Timecode for cross-system integration. Shepherd is designed to work with other motion capture systems that do not have Lync capability.

For more information, visit this page
Lync is an innovative feature that allows Shepherd to listen for broadcast capture commands on your network from supported Mocap Systems. When Lync is enabled, Shepherd will start and stop face capture recording on your Ki Pro(s) when your Mocap System starts/stops body capture recording.
A JSON or Excel .XLSX file can be exported from Shepherd which containts the following details:

  • Session Data Information (Date, IP address, file location)
  • KiPro Device List, including model version
  • Shot List with Device Names, Clip Na,mes, Format, Start/End TC, Duration, and date created.
Download example Session Document.
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You will need at least one supported AJA KiPro device to get started testing. Don’t have a KiPro? Look to test drive one of our Headcam systems to fully evaluate Shepherd.

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Shepherd 1

Headcam operator software. Clip and Media Manager as well as ability to ingest timecode. Lync Vicon and Optritrack motion capture systems directly. Single-user (Local) or Network (Floating) licenses availble.


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